About CIDA Project

CIDA Project is a stream of research at the University of Leicester, focusing on two aspects of the United Kingdom’s Creative Industries: Diversity and Austerity.

While the arts, cultural and creative sectors are often portrayed as highly meritocratic, women, BAME people, disabled people, working class people and those with caring responsibilities are underrepresented. It is clear that funding cuts and the wider effects of austerity are having multifaceted impacts on artists and cultural workers, particularly those without secure contracts or stable sources of income. But these voices are rarely heard in mainstream debate.

Our research seeks to represent the lived experience of creative lives under austerity, and how this is affecting access and participation. We aim to increase public knowledge about the effects of austerity on cultural and creative industries workers and help inform the work of organisations and policymakers.

We have carried out research into the experience of arts and culture among disabled children and young people, and the impact of funding cuts on arts provision for this group. We are now focusing on the ways Diversity and Austerity are being experienced by people working in freelance and precarious roles in cultural and creative sectors.

Our current project looks at creative practitioners living and working in the East Midlands. We are conducting the East Midlands Creative Practitioners Survey, the first ever survey to focus upon the freelance creative community in the region. We are also speaking to freelance arts and cultural workers about their experiences.

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